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..The Basics About Shara..

I live in Canada at the moment, but will move with my boyfriend to Belgium as soon as I finish at my university here in Montréal, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure.

..First Encounter With ElfQuest..

I started to read French ElfQuest publications at my public library. I really like the fantastic fantasy setting and look of them, so I decided to buy them. But at number 30, they stopped publishing them, and I searched on the net and discovered it was originally an English comic! At that time, I started reading ElfQuest in English and my collection is just missing a few comics now :)

..More About & By Me..

Not too surprisingly you can find me as Shara at the Official EQ forums. I've since long also been part of a French RPG called Blackmoon - La Lune Noire.

..How To Contact Me..

If you want to contact me, please see contact details in the guide.